The blends

We create our blends with the world’s best raw ingredients. You won't find any fillers or ingredients that provide no nutritional value in our products. We use minimal ingredients and processing to craft proteins and superfood blends that deliver on performance and taste.

Curated collections of blends designed for specific goals.

  • 2.5kg Mixed Box of Bare Blends | Bare Blends Whey Proteins

    As low as: $172.95

    2.5kg Mixed Box of Bare Blends

    Try all the whey proteins
  • Organic Matcha Green Tea WPI

    Japanese Matcha WPI

    Balance, energy and longevity
  • WPI Flavour Bundle

    As low as: $116.13

    WPI Flavour Bundle

    For the flavour lover
  • Organic Vanilla Bean NZ Whey Protein Concentrate

    Vanilla Bean WPC

    A superior grass-fed whey
  • Organic Dark Cacao NZ Whey Protein Concentrate

    Raw Cacao WPC

    Creamy and delicious grass-fed whey
  • Vegan Bundle > Bare Blends

    As low as: $93.57

    Vegan Bundle

    Plant-based nutrition
  • The Passport Bundle | Bare Blends

    From: $67.78

    To: $144.08

    Passport Bundle

    Travel with your health
  • Organic Black Chia Seeds

    Peanut Butter Slab

    Tastes like a peanut butter cup
  • Organic Black Chia Seeds

    Dark Orange Almond - Limited

    For the citrus lovers
  • Organic Black Chia Seeds

    Creamy Coconut Milk - Limited

    A deliciously creamy delight
  • Organic Black Chia Seeds

    Sour Cherry Coconut - Limited

    A unique sweet and sour combination
  • Organic Black Chia Seeds

    Dark Crunchy Mint

    Delicious mint with a crunch
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