Our Top 10 Blends Ranked By Protein

Can’t decide which protein to choose?

Bare Blends

Bare Blends


Can’t decide which protein to choose?

We can tell you that all of them are delicious, but if you’re in need of a sizeable protein boost to assist with weight training, or simply after a good all-round protein powder to include in your morning smoothies, then the following information will be useful to you.

Whey protein is one of the few sources that naturally contain all 20 amino acids needed by the body, making it a complete protein. Bare Blends’ whey protein blends have a superior amino acid profile, and are especially undenatured.

Our plant-based protein blends are made with the optimal ratio of pea and sprouted brown rice protein. Together, these proteins offer an optimal amino acid profile which is superior to any single plant protein source. As an added bonus, they’re dairy free and easy on the digestive system.

These blends contain only high-quality protein and organic superfoods which add both flavour and unique health benefits. We have created these blends without the added gums, emulsifiers and unnecessary fillers that are typically used by other protein companies.

We’ve thus created all of our proteins with our philosophy of using as few ingredients as possible which always carry nutritional value.

So what percentage of protein is in each of our blends, and how do these compare? We’ve ranked our top 10 protein blends by the amount of protein to help you decide.

Bare Whey


26.7g protein per serve

Bare Whey is the protein powerhouse. Being highest in protein, with a huge 27.4g per 30g serving, it’s no wonder this blend is a favourite amongst the fitness community and smoothie lovers. Bare Whey is our unflavoured and unsweetened whey protein isolate (WPI) that will allow you to endlessly create whatever tasty combinations you desire with a protein boost! It also has the added benefits of our premium WPI blends, such as boosting immunity, building lean muscle, and assisting with weight management.

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26.3g protein per serve

Made with ambrosial A-grade vanilla beans from Madagascar, our Vanilla Bean WPI is 100% natural protein, free of anything artificial or nasty, just straight-up vanilla-y goodness. It’s a natural way of building muscle, managing weight, and toning up. With 26.6g of protein per serve, this lean protein will assist with weight loss by reducing hunger and boosting your metabolism. The smoothie lover’s dream protein.

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Vanilla Bean WPI

Raw Cacao WPI


24.5g protein per serve

Our Raw Cacao WPI is made with cacao beans that are of the renowned heritage heirloom ‘Criollo’ variety, which make up less than 1% of cacao grown each year. The result is a decadent single-origin cacao that is ridiculously rich in flavour and fragrance, and with many health benefits, such as being high in antioxidants and mood boosting. Teamed with our premium whey protein isolate and ambrosial Madagascan vanilla beans, this blend is decadent and delicious, with 25.1g of protein per serve.

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24.3g protein per serve

Bare Blends’ organic Japanese matcha is grown in Kyoto, Japan. Matcha is naturally high in health-promoting tea catechins, chlorophyll and amino acids. It's great for boosting your metabolism, enhancing concentration, and reducing stress. Matcha is so full of antioxidants that it's been deemed the anti-aging tea. Paired with our creamy whey protein, this delicious blend is energising, and full of antioxidants.

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Japanese Matcha WPI

Cacao kakadu plum WPI


19.75g protein per serve

If you have yet to try our Cacao & Kakadu Plum WPI, then you are missing out on a unique experience. It has a rich cacao flavour, with plum undertones from the Kakadu Plum. As well the many nutritional benefits from those two ingredients alone, this premium blend also has the added boost of chia seeds and maca, which will help to boost your overall wellness. We can't get past the classic chocolate and plum taste of this blend in a simple smoothie with some frozen cherries or Davidson's Plum jam.


22.2g protein per serve

Bare Blends’ whey protein concentrate (WPC) is produced as a liquid by-product of cheese making proces in the pristine environments of New Zealand and Australian dairy grazing fields. WPC is closest to the natural form of whey, and is a fantastic protein source, more economical and an excellent muscle builder. Flavoured with our ambrosial organic vanilla beans, this blend is straight-up vanilla-y goodness.

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Vanilla Bean WPC

Raw Cacao WPC


21g protein per serve

Naturally high in immune-boosting immunoglobulins, our WPC blends help to build muscle, combat hunger cravings, and promote healthy weight loss in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. Flavoured with raw Peruvian ‘Criollo’ cacao, this blend is smooth, creamy, and chocolatey. The energy-boosting healthy smoothie that tastes like a decadent delight.

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20.7g protein per serve

Made with the optimal ratio of pea and sprouted brown rice protein, our Cacao & Cinnamon Plant Protein is a smooth and chocolatey delight. With a hint of spice from the Ceylon cinnamon, the this blend is a great addition to any smoothie or chocolate flavoured raw treats. With organic cacao for an antioxidant boost, this blend will help you to feel your best and rejuvenate your energy levels.

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Cacao Cinnamon Plant Protein

Vanilla coconut plant protein


20g protein per serve

This vegan protein blend has been formulated not only provide your body with the fuel it needs to excel, but also tastes great and uses only real ingredients! Our Vanilla & Coconut Plant Protein is a creamy blend which mixes vanilla bean and coconut flavours in a smooth and light mouthful. This versatile blend goes perfectly in most smoothie recipes, and can be used in raw treat recipes such as protein balls and raw desserts.

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8.4g protein per 20g serve

The Peruvian Power Protein is an all-natural, raw, and organic superfood blend that has so many nutritional benefits from the ingredients that aren't readily available elsewhere – sacha inchi, maca, vanilla bean, cacao, mesquite, lucuma, and more. This unique blend is naturally high in protein, will keep you feeling satiated, and has a delicious flavour - similar to chocolate and peanut butter.

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Peruvian Power Protein

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